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Here's what it's like to run the Fenway South hand-operated scoreboard

A photo tour of JetBlue Park's scoreboard

One of the most famous features of Fenway Park is its vintage hand-operated scoreboard at the foot of the Green Monster in left field. And so, when the Red Sox set about building a new Spring Training ground for their Fenway South complex in Fort Myers, Fla., they knew they wanted to replicate that feature as well.

So, the team did something a bit unorthodox: They dug up the old Fenway Park scoreboard that was in use for three decades from the mid-1970s until the early 2000s, and brought it south to JetBlue Park.


The normal Sox scoreboard crew doesn't travel south for the winter, but the staff that operates the Spring Training version of the board still gets some spiffy digs:


There's a window onto the field that has a pretty unique view of the game:


The whole room is filled with the familiar green color that makes up Fenway Park's signature look:



And, if things get out of hand, they've got the crooked numbers ready to go:


Then, there's the Holy Grail for interior designers who also happen to cheer for the Beantown club -- a massive bucket of that wonderful green pigment, complete with a paint roller and tray:


All you need is that bucket, some plywood and a foul pole or two and you've got your own mini-Fenway Park:


Unfortunately, this guy only comes in large:


This post has been updated to reflect that the scoreboard was originally used at Fenway Park.

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