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TBT: Here's what was happening when the Blue Jays last clinched the division in 1993

TBT: All that was happening when Jays last clinched

The Blue Jays clinched the AL East crown on Wednesday. Believe it or not, it's their first time since 1993. Yes, 22 years. That's older than the Jays' rookie reliever Roberto Osuna. That's one year longer than veteran righty LaTroy Hawkins has been in the league. 

So, what was happening back in September 1993 when Toronto last took home a division title? Let's go back:

No. 1 Song 

Mariah Carey's "Dreamlover" was the top Billboard song throughout most of September and all of October that year. A very underrated Mariah song and a very excellent early-90s music video:

No. 1 Movie

The "Good Son," starring Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin (and Quinn Culkin?), was the top movie that week. But the highest-grossing film that year was one that has had a bit more staying power:

On Television

One classic ended a few months before (well, ended high school, anyway):

While one was just beginning to creep into our homes and make us aware that we're not alone in this universe:

Weird obsessions

The card game Magic, Beanie Babies and Power Ranger toys were all gaining in popularity. Kewl kids were wearing flannel/denim combinations with, yes, day-glo snapback hats:


Zayn Malik -- off-again-on-again member of One Direction:

Anthony Davis -- NBA superstar/proud uni-brow'er:

Miguel Sano -- A powerful, powerful man with plans for blasting baseballs out of Earth's atmosphere:

Other Random Facts

Bill Clinton was in his first year as president, "Got Milk" commercials were just beginning that October and the Blue Jays ended up winning the World Series -- alongside one of the greatest calls in baseball history:

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