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Here's your reminder that Billy Hamilton is really fast and can score on any play

So, if you've blinked while watching the Reds at all in 2014, chances are that you missed Billy Hamilton turn a single into an inside-the-park home run and circling the bases twice, just for good measure. The dude has jets and Monday night's game against the Pirates provided baseball fans with yet another opportunity to make that "whoop" sound that people make at track meets.

Hamilton showed bunt in an at-bat in the first, but wore one on his leg, earning a free trip to first base.

Billy Hamilton Hit on Foot

The problem with giving Hamilton a free trip to first is that it often turns into a trip to third before you're able to process what's happened. In this particular instance, Hamilton moved from first to third on Joey Votto's swinging bunt.

Billy Hamilton First to Third

Then Brandon Phillips came up and grounded sharply to third, but Hamilton decided he was fast enough to score and slid underneath a tag at the plate.

Billy Hamilton Scores on Grounder

For those of you keeping score at home, that means the Pirates clunked Hamilton and then got what should have been two ground outs, but Hamilton managed to circle the bases anyway because he's basically Usain Bolt.