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Someone pranked a high school baseball team by planting a tree in front of the pitcher's mound

High school baseball team pranked with tree on field

The town of Franklin is located in central Ohio, which as far as we know, is pretty far away from the Entwood. Nevertheless, a tree somehow found its way onto Franklin High School's baseball field, right between the pitcher's mound and home plate:

The school's athletic director, Brian Bales, received a call early Saturday morning from the parks and recreation department telling him that the day's doubleheader might have to be cancelled. But the weather was great, said Bales, and he didn't understand why they couldn't play.

Then he arrived at the park.

"By god, there was a 25-foot tree," he said. "You'd have to throw a curveball to get around it."

Even though watching a pitcher throw nothing but curves and eephus pitches to get around a bizarre obstacle would be delightful, the parks department managed to get the tree out of the way before game time. However, its origin is still a mystery.

"We've made some inquiries into who did it," said Bales, "and there will be consequences, because otherwise you'd have trees planted down there every week. But I have to say that because I'm an administrator. Deep down, I think this is pretty clever."

Franklin won both games, even shutting out their opponents in the first. And the tree? According to, this was its fate:

The tree was removed on a trailer, and its current whereabouts are unknown.

Who knows where the tree is now? Bales says he doesn't. Where is it lurking? Which ballpark will it materialize in next? All we're saying is, look out, Great American Ball Park. The tree is coming.