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High school center fielder uses header to start the craziest (only?) 8-7-6 double play you'll ever see

HS center fielder uses header for 8-7-6 double play

We'll spare you the "heads up" puns and just get right down to business with this one. D'Iberville High School in Biloxi, Miss., turned one of the craziest double plays you'll ever see. 

The Warriors were playing Hancock High School. With a Hancock runner on second and one out in the inning, Warriors center fielder Travis Bender charged hard and laid out to catch a line drive. He missed and the ball bounced off his head ... into left field ... where it was caught by Jay Deshong, who doubled the runner off at second to end the inning by throwing to shortstop Luther Woullard.

Seriously, that's an 8-7-6 double play in your scorebooks, folks. Also, +1 for the spectator commentary.

From The Sun-Herald:

Deshong didn't quite grasp what was going on at the time.

"He just kind of lost his footing and head-butted the ball to me," he said. "I remember thinking, 'If I catch this ball and toss it in, does this really count?'

"You see that stuff on TV, and then it happened to us. It was crazy."

Deshong passed most of the credit for the play to his teammate, who admittedly did most of the hard work.

"(My teammates) acted like it was a spectacular play on my part, but it bounced off of Travis' head," Deshong said. "If his head was shaped any other way, who knows where the ball would have gone."