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The Home Run Derby had timeouts, and naturally, players used them to eat food

Players use Home Run Derby timeouts to eat food

Along with buzzer-beater home runs, the 2015 Home Run Derby also introduced us to baseball timeouts -- a short break the competitors could choose to take during the timed rounds. So, what did some of baseball's greatest sluggers choose to do during those timeouts? They did what anybody chooses to do when they have free time during the day: Eat.

Prince Fielder almost devoured an entire stick of cotton candy in one bite:

And Manny Machado had some chips and salsa (possibly his salsa) fed to him by Adam Jones:

Eventually, the chips and salsa made it over to the announcer's table -- where there were many more happy faces:

There were also unconfirmed pictures of Derby champ Todd Frazier snacking on one of Popeye's favorite foods in between swings:

We hope this tradition only continues to grow as the new Derby hits its stride over the next few years.

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