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HOPE Week honoree Jane Lang is back in the bleachers

Jane Lang was honored by the Yankees in 2010 as part of HOPE Week (Helping Others Persevere and Excel). Jane, who is legally blind, had been traveling to hundreds of Yankees games by herself using only public transportation and her seeing eye dog, Clipper. During HOPE Week 2010, Jane was personally escorted to Yankee Stadium by Joba Chamberlain, Joe Girardi and Tino Martinez.

On Saturday, Jane and Clipper made yet another trip to the Bronx to take in the Yanks' matinee with the Orioles. This time, she sat in the bleachers and even participated in the Bleacher Creature Roll Call. 

We're glad to see that Jane still enjoys going to the ballpark, even without Tino as a personal escort.

-- Matt Latimer / Real-Time Correspondent