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A horse named 'Yogi Berra' will make his racing debut today (UPDATE: He won!)

If you happen to be hanging around Tampa Bay Downs on Friday and feel like taking 8-1 odds on a three-year-old colt, you can put your money on one with a legendary baseball namesake:

As Lindsay Berra (an columnist who happens to be Yogi's granddaughter) points out, the horse's owner is Jessica Steinbrenner, who runs a thoroughbred farm and is the late George Steinbrenner's daughter.

So should we expect Yogi to show up at the track to cheer on his equine counterpart? Maybe not: In 2001, he told Esquire "I never go to the track. I don't like horses. They take too long."

UPDATE: Guess what? Yogi Berra won his race! And it turns out, his namesake couldn't resist cheering him on:

It looks like the two have something in common:

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