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House of Cards vs. RoboCop and other Orioles-Tigers ALDS matchups to watch

Comparing postseason teams based on WAR and UZR is fun, but so is comparing them based on related pop culture references. Let's take a look at the AL Division Series: Detroit Tigers vs. Baltimore Orioles.

Pop Culture Moment 

When it comes to pop culture in 2014 no one force can harness more energy than '90s nostalgia. The Tigers know this and it's the primary motivation for their Zubaz movement. They're bringing sexy back? (+1 for Miguel Cabrera's "Turn Down for What" shirt.)

Not to be outdone, the Orioles capitalized on the power of retro when broadcaster Gary Thorne recreated a 1950s commercial during an O's game. 'Twas delightful:


The easy answer here for the Tigers is Jack White. A Detroit native, White moped his way through the summer of 2014 on Sad Jack White's Sad Baseball Tour of America. He even took in a Tigers game at Yankee Stadium. The guy isn't messing around. 


But, when it comes to Tigers superfans, it's impossible to overlook the dude who goes to away games dressed as if Dog the Bounty Hunter captured and skinned Tony the Tiger.

That guy is Jim Nelle and he's sworn that he will not shave until the Tigers win the World Series. Seriously.

In the Orioles corner, wearing orange trunks  (probably), hailing from the greater Baltimore area ... a kid whose actual name is Camden Yards. Like, really, his parents are Mr. and Mrs. Yards and they named him Camden because they're wonderful parents.

First Pitch

In case you didn't already know, RoboCop has four primary directives:

1. Serve the public trust

2. Protect the innocent

3. Uphold the law


That classified directive is actually, "GO TIGERS!" True story. Google it.

RoboCop pitch

But does a crime-fighting cyborg have as much power as fearless political genius/sociopath Frank Underwood from House of Cards?



Breakfast for dinner is better with a hot dog. At Comerica Park, you can order the Late Night Dog: a hot dog topped with fried egg, cheese and, of course, bacon. (This is the part when you tweet "OMNOMNOM.")

At Camden Yards, you can order a hot dog topped with crab mac 'n' cheese, so if you'll excuse me, I have to make a trip to Camden Yards, like, yesterday.

Throwback Postseason Moment

In the 1968 World Series, the Tigers trailed the Cardinals 3-1 in the series and 3-2 in the fifth inning of Game 5 when Julian Javier drove a single to left field. Lou Brock tried to score from second on the play, but was thrown out at the plate by Willie Horton as Bill Freehan made the tag despite a minor collision. The Tigers won the game 5-3 and came back to win the series.

As for the Orioles, set your dials to 1966. Baltimore advanced to the World Series to take on a Dodgers franchise in the midst of a dynasty. The '66 Series was the sixth Fall Classic appearance in 12 seasons for Walter Alston's Dodgers. Los Angeles had swept the '63 Series and gutted out the '65 title in seven games. The 1966 O's were expected to be the forgotten half of history ... until they swept Koufax and the Dodgers, shutting them out for the final 33 innings of the series.

Definitive Highlight

On June 30, the Tigers trailed the Athletics 4-1 heading into the ninth, which meant A's closer Sean Doolittle was on the hill for Oakland. Back-to-back singles from Nick Castellanos and Alex Avila, followed by an Austin Jackson walk, brought Rajai Davis to the plate. And wouldn't ya know ...

Nothing says "2014 Orioles" quite like Adam Jones pieing the MASN sound guy after the O's swept the Rangers in July:



We're not sure of a scenario in which MLB's postseason would be decided by Rock-Paper-Scissors, but we're sure the Tigers would have the upper hand should it come to that. (See what we did there?)


Meanwhile, the Orioles have so ... much ... PIE!