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Here are five keys to a successful walk-off pie-ing, courtesy of the Orioles

Step 1: Set up a weekly order with your local bakery. We're talking actual crusts and flavors, none of that eye-stinging shaving cream. The Orioles made a switch to genuine flour-and-sugar confections this season and now have two on-hand for every home game. Of course, there's an additional benefit to using real pies: if there are no pie-worthy plays, you still have a pie.  

Step 2: Wait for a play worthy of a pie. In most cases, that's a walk-off like David Lough's 12th-inning single against the Blue Jays on Saturday. 

Step 3: Try to sneak up on your target during the postgame interview. If a surprise approach doesn't work, like in Adam Jones' case Saturday, abandon stealth for the inevitable reality of what's about to happen. 


Step 4: Commence pie-ing.


Step 5: Run away, preferably with great amounts of glee. And remember, you still have that second pie waiting in the dugout.


 Photos via Stephen Cashman/ Real-Time Correspondent 

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