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Hunter Pence submits his audition tape for a Twitter production of 'The Lion King'

While Hunter Pence sits out of baseball for the next 6-8 weeks (he suffered a fractured forearm after getting hit by a pitch Thursday) perhaps the Giants outfielder is looking for a hobby. And perhaps that hobby is a Twitter production of "The Lion King." Which should definitely be a thing.

Pence tweeted out his fantastic rendition of "The Circle of Life" -- complete with the presenting of Simba -- Friday night.

So which part should he play? While Rafiki is the one who unveils baby Simba to the animal kingdom during the song, as Pence does in his video, Pence's hair and beard are awfully lion mane-ish. Wouldn't he make a great Mufasa, or adult Simba?

Whichever part he'd like, Pence is clearly trying to show the world that he's Broadway material. Either that, or he just started watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.