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Hunter Pence's scooter was stolen and he needs your help to find it UPDATE: It's been returned

Hunter Pence's scooter was stolen

UPDATE 5/28: Team chef Joe Day, who designs scooters in his spare time, posted photo evidence of the find on Wednesday:

And here's Hunter, in some interesting armor, reuniting with his friend:

A group of people apparently brought Hunter's two-wheeler to AT&T Park and the San Francisco Police Department delivered it to the clubhouse. And because Pence had already ordered a replacement, the right fielder said he would put the returned scooter up for a charity auction since "this was a 'Together We're Giant' type story where everyone had my back."

More details can be found here, but manager Bruce Bochy may have summed it up best when he said, "We can all sleep tonight. He got his scooter back." Let's celebrate!

Original 5/26:

There's a reason Hunter Pence says his motorized scooter "feels like an extension of me." It's "emblazoned with Pence's name, number, a Jordan jumpman sticker and another that says 'swag.'" It's such an integral part of the Pence experience that the Giants gave away a bobblehead of him riding it in April. And now, sadly, it's been stolen.

The San Jose Mercury News' Giants Extra blog has the details: The crime occurred on Sunday night as it was parked outside San Francisco's Epic Roasthouse restaurant. Pence was so disturbed by the theft that he actually dreamed of finding, and tackling, the perpetrator. He's offering a reward of a signed bobblehead plus a scooter for whoever finds his.

How distraught is the outfielder about it? In the words of manager Bruce Bochy, the endlessly-upbeat Pence actually "had a sad face. I've never seen that before."

Here's hoping the scooter makes its way back to the rightful owner. The online movement to find it is already in full swing:

So if you've seen this scooter, be sure to say something: 


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