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Hunting for autographs at Chase Field? Here’s some advice

From the moment the first Major Leaguer stepped onto the first baseball diamond, there have been fans asking for his signature.

Whether it's on an old hat or a brand-new ball, an autograph is the ultimate keepsake for many fans. One of those fans is Gary Carnell, an Arizona native and devoted D-backs supporter. Carnell, who has spent the last two years attending games at Chase Field, said autograph collecting is a great hobby to share with his daughter, Kailee.

“It’s a great way to build the father-daughter relationship,” said Carnell. “I really enjoy getting to spend time with her at the ballpark.”

Carnell brings several pieces of memorabilia, including trading cards and baseballs, every time he comes to Chase Field. While he knows he won't get every signature, his goal is to try and get at least one autograph each game.

“The goal is to try not to get skunked,” he said, with Kailee by his side. “If we get just one autograph, it’s a great day.”

While Carnell is relatively new to the autograph collecting game, he does have some advice for those looking to take up his favorite hobby: Be polite, be patient and always address players by their full names.

-- Gabe Trujillo

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