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K-pop star Hyomin flew all the way to Pittsburgh just to throw out the first pitch to Jung Ho Kang

Former KBO star and current Pirates infielder Jung Ho Kang has been a huge hit in his first season in MLB -- after signing with Pittsburgh back in January, he's slashed .290/.359/.467 for the Wild Card-leading Bucs, all while educating the good citizens of Western Pennsylvania on the finer points of Korean culture

But, as beloved as Kang has become here in the States, he's apparently an even bigger deal back in his native South Korea. Just how big, you ask? Big enough for a K-pop star to fly all the way to Pittsburgh to throw out a first pitch to him:

Hyomin first pitch

Delivering that remarkably perfect eephus is Hyomin, the lead singer of K-pop girl group T-ara (get it?). She made the trip to PNC Park just to throw to Kang, then flew right back home, which qualifies as some serious pull. It may not match Shin-Soo Choo and Hyun-Jin Ryu posing with Girls' Generation on the Korean Power Meter, but it's awfully close.