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If there's an NLCS in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?


Posey, that is. This San Francisco Ghostbuster, Glen, honors the Giants' Buster with his No. 28 patch and "Posey" nameplate. Glen was at AT&T Park Monday, taking time off from fighting Zuul, the Gatekeeper and Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster as his team faced Cardinals, the St. Louisans.

I got a little Ghostbusters outfit, San Francisco style, supporting Buster Posey out here," Glen said. "He hit the grand slam for us, brought us to the NLCS, so we gotta show him some love. Hopefully he can do it again and beat the Cards."

Ghostbusters are liable to attract attention, as Glen learned when these two fans showed up and advised him not to cross the streams, a tip he probably didn't need since he was alone. As Glen and his newfound friends proved, to paraphrase Ray Parker Jr., Buster makes Giants fans feel good.

-- Dan Wohl /


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