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If wearing a full Nats uniform to the Nats game is impressive, then this fan is dressed to impress

If Davey Johnson needs a pinch-hitter -- or a pinch-runner or a relief pitcher or a defensive replacement -- Peter Schimm is ready and waiting. In full uniform.

Schimm arrived at Nationals Park on Wednesday with his red alternate top tucked into white baseball pants and Mizuno spikes over knee-high red socks. Below a red script W cap, eye black streaked down his face like Bryce Harper's in Game 1.

"If needed, absolutely, I'm ready," he said.

A unique asset as a utility man who can also pitch, the Chevy Chase, Md., native described his repertoire on the mound as "slow, slower and really, really slow." Nats fans looking for a comparison might consider junkballer Livan Hernandez, but with even less velocity.

Schimm compared this year's Nats club to the 1969 Miracle Mets, right down to the lovable ol' skipper who still knows which buttons to push.

"Davey Johnson is our leader," he said. "And he's gonna take us to the promised land."

But whether that promised land includes Schimm at the bottom of the championship dogpile remains to be seen.

-Ian Kay /

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