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If you forget your glove at home, fear not: you can catch that foul ball with your beer

When you picture yourself catching a foul ball, it's never an awkward grasp beneath the grandstand or a ricochet off the aisle stairs. Almost always, the mental image is that of a smooth grab followed by a flamboyant bow and rapturous applause.

This Mariners fan, named Johnny, got to outperform even that optimistic dream Wednesday night at Safeco Field.

When Justin Smoak's foul ball came toward him during the eighth inning, Johnny nabbed it in his beer cup with the nonchalance of a 10-year vet.

Then, as the prestige, he chugged his beer before the thousands of cheering fans.


Johnny said he started receiving texts, calls and every other form of congratulations after his play was shown on TV, but we don't think that's what he really wanted.

We think he just wanted that beer, and maybe a little bit of fan-catch immortality.


-- Dakota Gardner /