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If you think Adam Dunn is big now, wait until he shares a movie screen with Matthew McConaughey

At 6-foot-6 and 285 lbs., Adam Dunn is a large man.  Place his projected likeness on a 2,000 square foot screen and he's surely even larger. That's what (might) be happening this year, after Dunn shot a bit part in the upcoming film The Dallas Buyers Club.

Dunn's role in the film, which stars Matthew McConaughey as an HIV-positive drug dealer in 1980's Dallas, is that of a bartender. Dunn told the Chicago Tribune that his appearance might end up on the cutting-room floor, but that it was a positive experience either way.

"To see those guys in action, that was probably the coolest part of it," he said. "To see how intense, how in character they are 24/7. To be a good actor, I guess that's what it takes, so I'll never be a good actor."

-- Dan Wohl /

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