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If you were 'The Last Man on Earth,' which baseball artifacts would you plunder?

Images via Fox.

Fox premiered "The Last Man on Earth" Sunday night, the story of Phil Miller, who, after a mysterious virus wiped out the population, is literally the last man alive on Earth. As such, the world's riches are Miller's to plunder as he pleases -- traveling around the country searching fruitlessly for other survivors, he grabs whatever strikes his fancy. Included in his haul: The presidential seal carpet from the Oval Office, billions of dollars' worth of famous paintings and a baseball bat autographed by Babe Ruth.


Because, duh. If I'm the last human on Earth, one of my first stops is Cooperstown. The post-apocalypse would be a little easier to endure if my house was decorated with the most hallowed memorabilia from MLB history. And yes, that includes a ball covered with mysterious signatures. (That's Roger Hornsby's, maybe? Feel free to help us out in the comments.)

So, if you were alone on Earth, what pieces of MLB's past would you score for yourself? A Ted Williams game-used jersey? Joe DiMaggio's cap? Curt Schilling's bloody sock? (Hey, it's the apocalypse.)