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Immaculate Infatuation weighs in on the top grub at Yankee Stadium

Quality baseball and quality food. Yes, we're talking about Yankee Stadium. We recently connected with the NYC food writers at Immaculate Infatuation,and they gave us a detailed rundown of where to eat at One East 161st Street:

Yankee Stadium … not exactly the culinary mecca that Citi Field is over in Queens. If you're a big time baller and have Legends Suite tickets, you can eat like a king all game long. But the rest of us common folk aren't spoon fed special meals from guest chefs like Tom Colicchio. We need to fend for ourselves.

If you dig deep enough, you can definitely find some delicious eats. Being that we're massive Yankees fans here at Immaculate Infatuation, NYC's premier unpretentious, no-messing-around dining resource, asked us to map out some of our favorite food spots within the confines of Yankee Stadium. No problem, we've got you covered. Here's where you should be grubbing during the ALCS:

Giant Smoked Turkey Leg 

The turkey leg is Immaculate Infatuation's mascot. Our logo is a turkey leg and our annual event is called the Turkey Leg Ball, so one can imagine how excited we were to stumble onto this monster smoked turkey leg for sale in the upper deck. That's the only place we've actually seen it. We've eaten it a couple times with ranging results. Once, it was perfectly cooked, all kinds of juicy and delicious. Another time it was dry and had clearly been sitting around for a while. Regardless, it's fun to eat and makes for a tremendous Instagram photo. Skip the hot dog, get the turkey leg. 

Lobel's Steak Sandwich

The line is long, the price is crazy ($16), but darn if it ain't really, really good. Sliced steak, bathed in gravy, sandwiched between a nice soft bun. It's simple, it's messy to eat and it's incredibly satisfying. We like to treat ourselves to a Lobel's steak sandwich once in a while. It's on a whole other level from Carl's. Make sure to go after the 5th inning when the crowds die down, because it's an absolute zoo in the beginning of the game. 

Parm's Meatball Parm Sandwich 

This is the crown jewel of the food scene at Yankee Stadium. Parm, the sandwich shop brought to you by the fellas behind Nolita's beloved Torrisi Italian Specialties, has a small concession stand near the entrance on the main level. It's away from the action, so it often flies under the radar. Their meatball parm is tremendous and easily the best item money can buy inside the stadium. Parm needs to be your first stop once inside the stadium, as they run out of food early. Ask for the sandwich "spicy" and go home happy. 

Teriyaki Chicken WIngs 

The wings have been a recent discovery for us, and they are shockingly good. Apparently, they also bring stadium magic. We were mid-chomp on one of these guys when Raul Ibanez tied up Game 3 of the ALDS in the bottom of the 9th. We're massive wing snobs (Candlelight in Scarsdale, anyone? Best wings ever). But these crispy, crunchy, meaty wings totally won us over. They were also swimming in a tasty teriyaki sauce. 

Sliders & Fries 

We're huge proponents of the Yankee Stadium slider program. They're one of our go-to meals, easy to share and always on point. Our favorites are the buffalo chicken sliders, but we've been known to go regular beef sliders from time to time as well. The soft potato buns really put us over the edge here and we dig the thick, fat crinkle fries that come with it. We also thoroughly enjoy watching people walk around the stadium with their huge buckets of fingers and fries. Dudes, there's no way you're eating all of that. 

Garlic Fries

Both the most potent and most popular concessions item at Yankee Stadium? Garlic fries. And for good reason -- they're awesome. It's torture when someone in your section brings them back because the overwhelming smell makes it nearly impossible to resist the urge of going to get your own. Make sure to clear your schedule of any smoochin' plans -- no one is going to want to go near you post-garlic fries.. Or, just bring a toothbrush to the game.  

Foodie fans can also download Immaculate Infatuation's free, award-winning iPhone App and let it serve as a guide to the best meals NYC has to offer. 

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