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In honor of 12/12/12, here is the all-time best team of No. 12s

Many great players have worn No. 12 throughout baseball history. Robbie Alomar donned the digits during most of his career and even got married on the date.  Roger Clemens wore the number for an extremely short time with the Yanks back in 1999, and Dusty Baker wore the 1-2 as a player and now as manager of the Reds. 

So, here's the best lineup of No. 12s and when they wore the number. We had to switch around a few positions, but feel like it's a pretty solid squad. 

1. CF Kenny Lofton, '04 Yankees  

2. 2B Roberto Alomar, Career (except '04 Diamondbacks)

3. 3B Wade Boggs, '93-'97 Yankees, '98-'99 Rays 

4. 1B Phil Nevin, '96-'97 Tigers

5. DH Jeff Kent, '93-'96 Mets, '96 Indians, '03-'04 Astros, '05-'08 Dodgers

6. RF Cliff Floyd, '02 Red Sox

7. LF Steve Finley, Career (except '89-'90 Giants and '04 Dodgers)

8. C Henry Blanco, '00-'01 Brewers, '11-'12 Diamondbacks

9. SS Clint Barmes, Career (except '07 Rockies)

SP: Roger Clemens, '99 Yankees

Manager: Dusty Baker

Stay tuned for our next addition on Jan. 1, 2101.

-- Matt Monagan /