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In honor of Marshawn Lynch, here are 8 of the greatest MLB interview moments in recent history

8 funny MLB interviews over the years

Marshawn Lynch has delighted the world with his Super Bowl pressers this week. It's almost as fun as watching him Beast Mode his way through opposing defenses.

In recognition of Lynch's terrific prose, here are some of our favorite MLB interviews over the past 10 years. Enjoy.

Adam Eaton endures walkoff bubblegum and bobcats, escapes through trap door

Neither bubblegum, nor towels, nor bobcats, nor ice water will stop Adam Eaton from conducting an interview:

And if it does, he can always escape through the Chase Field trap door:


Derek Jeter answers a reporter's phone

Who WOULDN'T want to hear The Captain's voice on the other end of a phone? This is the greatest day in Walt Reinheymer's life. PS: Excellent phone case, reporter.

Elliot Johnson pretends he's a NASCAR driver

Baseball and NASCAR have a long, yicketty history together. But back on Aug. 27, 2013, Johnson delivered the first postgame, Talladega-style interview and we were forever grateful:

No, Bryce Harper is not answering any of your questions

In his rookie season, Brycer Harper responded to a reporter in the most Bryce Harper way possible. A retort that inspired GIFs, memes and even Senator Harry Reid to give his own imitation. Solid work, bro.

"Call the Yankees my daddy"

Pedro Martinez had a rough outing against the Yankees during a game in September '04, giving up five runs on nine hits in 7 1/3 innings. After the game, he referred to his rivals in an interesting manner. 

Although, as you know, Pedro and friends would get even a month later.

Chan Ho Park was very sick

Reporters were curious as to how sick Yankees starter Chan Ho Park was after a game in 2010. So, Chan Ho Park told them just how sick he was:

Nyjer Morgan talking Plushamentals

Sorry, I meant Tony Plush. Or maybe Tony Tombstone? Tony Gumbo? I don't know. What I do know is that he does this all the time and it's always amazing. Please come back from Korea soon, Nyjer.

Munenori Kawasaki

One of the greatest postgame speeches in sports history. Take it away, Muni.

We know there have been many, many more over the years. Let us know some of your favorites in the comments.

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