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In the cards: Rally Squirrel back in spotlight

As if the rally squirrel hasn't gotten enough play since October ...

You are looking at an actual image of Skip Schumaker's 2012 Topps Series 1 baseball card. Notice the focus is on the squirrel and not the one paid to swing a bat for a living.

It was during this at-bat in the 2011 NLDS that the squirrel raced past the plate as then-Phillie Roy Oswalt delivered a pitch to Schumaker. The card depicts the squirrel in mid-stride.

We should note that, according to Beckett, this is not Schumaker's primary issue but a short-printed variation card found in the deck. Still, you wonder how Schumaker will respond to being upstaged by a six-inch-tall critter -- again??


How much do you think the card will be worth?