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Indians fan ditches beer, phone, the concept of fear to chase down foul ball

Indians fan ditches phone and beer to grab foul ball

These are high times in the art of foul ball snags -- the month of April has already given us the Great Beer Catch Wars of 2015, and even phones and hats have gotten into the act. 

But those were mere fun and games. At Progressive Field during the Royals-Indians game on Tuesday, one fan boldly went where we're going to assume not many fans have gone before: namely, up and over several rows of seats, with no regard for personal possessions. This time, it's serious:

Shane Victorino

One other fan tries to make a run at the ball, but immediately realizes what's at stake here and simply backs off and applauds. Never forget the golden rule: Get in the way of a man who just dumped out his beer without a second thought to get a souvenir, and you do so at your own peril.