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Intentional Talk uses Statcast to measure 'dirt displacement' and hot dog 'chew rate'

Intentional Talk uses Statcast to find 'chew rate'

Statcast, which was featured occasionally during high-profile moments of the 2014 season, achieved sentience for the 2015 season during Tuesday night's Cardinals-Nationals MLB Network Showcase game. There are plenty of uses for Statcast's robotic precision now that it is featured in all 30 MLB ballparks, and so the humans at Intentional Talk fired up their computer wonkery Tuesday to answer some of their most pressing questions.

For example: How fast was IT co-host Kevin Millar running when he attempted to steal second, ended up headfirst in the dirt and tagged feet away from the base?


Or how about the size of the divot left by Chris Rose's less-than-optimal first pitch?


And perhaps the most second-most-pressing question involving hot dogs: How fast can Sean Casey chew?