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Dee Gordon sings Usher at karaoke, wants to be the Hulk someday

Dee Gordon talks best baseball memories and more

Dee Gordon is leading the league in batting average and is second only to Billy Hamilton when it comes to stolen bases. Of course, you knew that already. But did you know that his go-to karaoke song is Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz's "Lovers and Friends" (he does the Usher verse) or that he's really, really good at Scattergories? 

"My family hates playing with me because I'm so good at it. I know the minute I write something down, they're Googling it, and I'm like, 'it's real!'" Gordon told, during what was clearly a very serious interview.

One thing he does not have, however, is super strength, though he wishes he did:

But the Marlins' second baseman has a lot of hidden talents. He's a great cook, for example. He even shared his grandmother's secret fried chicken recipe with us, but we're not sharing. Sorry, it's just too good.

But Dee does have a secret he is willing to tell you, and it's a piece of advice he received from Ichiro:

Most importantly, he weighed in on the greatest question of our time: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Is he correct? Well, as we know, Dee's opinions about food are objectively right and true:

So if you think a hot dog is a sandwich, beware. Dee Gordon might Twitter-shame you.

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