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Is Chris Davis transforming into 'The Kid Who Only Hit Homers?'

Chris Davis is enjoying a torrid start to the season. The Orioles first baseman is just the fourth player in MLB history to go yard in each of his team's first four games -- joining the ranks of Willie Mays, Mark McGwire and Nelson Cruz. He's on pace for 162 home runs and more than 600 RBIs.

Sylvester Coddmeyer III, of Matt Christopher lore, hit a home run every time he came to the plate. Official statistics have proven difficult to come by (mostly because there are none), but "The Kid Who Only Hit Homers" definitely had some gaudy numbers.

Yeah, I know, Coddmeyer is a fictional character and Davis doesn't hit a homer every single at-bat -- but his streak is the closest thing to it right now.

So, can Davis keep the home runs coming or will his bat finally be tamed? And another thing, where is the mysterious George Baruth in all of this?

-- Matt Monagan /