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Hisashi Iwakuma's return to the Mariners was announced at the team's holiday party

Iwakuma's return to M's announced at holiday party

Most office holiday parties involve a healthy dose of eggnog, some cheesy sweaters and, if you're lucky, maybe a fun little gift like a totebag with your company's tagline on it. Not so for the Mariners. 

No, they didn't get Rudolph bobbleheads (though that would be great). Rather, they were gifted with the return of Hisashi Iwakuma following the breakdown of his deal with the Dodgers. New GM Jerry Dipoto took the mic and, like the baseball version of Santa, announced the deal -- adding that people would need to keep the news a secret for at least another 45 minutes. Which is an eternity when you've got a cell phone in your pocket and a killer tweet in mind.

When Iwakuma made his first appearance as a Mariner, again, he announced his return in the best way possible. Hopefully there wasn't one reporter in the back only half paying attention who heard "Bear?! There's a bear in this room?!" 

It also means that it's time to start a petition to get Thin Lizzy to perform "The Bear is Back in Town" before his first home start next year with Elton John wrapping up the day with "The Bear is Back." 

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