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Jake Faria showed off incredible reflexes to catch Aaron Judge's 109-mph comebacker

Jake Faria caught a 109-mph Aaron Judge comebacker

When pitchers face the Yankees in 2018, they probably know there's a good chance that they'll get hit hard at least a couple times during the game. The team leads all of baseball in home runs and has a shot at challenging the single-season team home run record with a hot final week.

With sluggers like Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, even balls that don't leave the park come off the bat hard. During the third inning of Tuesday's Yankees-Rays game, Jake Faria threw a 94-mph fastball to Judge. Judge sent if back to Faria at 109 mph. Fortunately, Faria's reactions were up to the task:

"I threw my hands up to get my head out of the way, and the ball went into my glove," Faria told's Bill Chastain. "[I've] never seen anything that hard coming at my face before."

On a ball hit that hard, it was probably more luck than skill that led Faria to make the catch. Still, just because a little luck was involved doesn't make the catch any less incredible to watch. 

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