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James Harden throws out first pitch to fellow Houston beard great, Dallas Keuchel

James Harden throws out first pitch to Dallas Keuchel

Houston, home to the Johnson Space Center and considered the air conditioning capital of the world, can also lay claim to the greatest bearded men in two different sports.

While the Astros have ace Dallas Keuchel and his punk rock mohawk-like beard, the NBA's Rockets feature shooting guard and human video game glitch James Harden.

Before the Astros faced the Angels on Wednesday afternoon, Harden was on hand to throw out the first pitch to Keuchel -- even though Keuchel admitted, "I hung up my catching days quite a few years ago."

The ace says he's not just a Rockets fan because of Harden and his beard, but also for fellow Arkansas alum Patrick Beverley. Keuchel acknowledged that Harden helped lead the Rockets to the playoffs, but challenged him as well: "Now we'll get to see what kind of arm he's got."

Harden warms up

- Brian McTaggart ⚾️ (@brianmctaggart) September 23, 2015

After getting loose, Harden got ready to make the toss, saying, "[Keuchel's] my fellow bearded brother. Hopefully I don't throw a bad pitch and he catches the ball. I'm sure he will." Would Harden become the new John Wall?  

Short answer: No.

While we don't have the numbers on it, it may be the greatest bearded-player-to-bearded-player toss since the days of the House of David. 

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