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In honor of Jarrod Dyson's 'Zoom' haircut, here are seven other hair messages we'd like to see

7 other players with hair messages this postseason

After swiping 36 bases during the regular season, it made perfect sense for Royals outfielder Jarrod Dyson to shave "ZOOM" into his head. It's why I have "TYPO KING" shaved into mine.

But it turns out Dyson isn't the only one communicating through hair messages this postseason. There are actually seven other players using their hair to speak volumes, but no one has reported on them ... until now.  

Dyson's teammate Billy Butler, naturally, went with country breakfast. After stealing a postseason bag though, he's emphasizing the fast part: 

Billy Butler

Fortunately, he's got a brunch buddy in closer Greg Holland: 

Greg Holland

Meanwhile Omar Infante decided to go continental with his pun: 


Jonathan Schoop has a pronunciation guide available for everyone who gets his name wrong.


Kevin Gausman was trying to refer to his 95-mph fastball when he got "The Gas Man" shaved into his head, but all of his teammates found a different meaning. He now refuses to take his cap off. 

Kevin Gausman

With the sides of his head already shaved, Matt Adams had to celebrate his postseason dingers a different way: 

Matt Adams

And last, but not least, there's Hunter Pence. Who didn't get it quite right: 


You'll get 'em next time, Hunter. 


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