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Jason Grilli reveals which Braves teammate would appear in his skivvies on television

Jason Grilli gives illuminating interview on IT

Jason Grilli stopped by Intentional Talk on Tuesday to celebrate Opening Day, reminisce on his previous TV appearances (like that time he showed up in nothing but a jockstrap) and discuss what it's like being an elder states man on the Braves this season. But it was during the "Rapid Fire" segment that Grilli revealed an interesting bit of insight into the Braves clubhouse.

Q: "Which player in your clubhouse would recreate the jockstrap skit for IT this season?"

A: "Jonny Gomes is out there, I think he would do it."

Kevin Millar and Chris Rose's response: "Yep, yep. That's a great answer." And then Grilli was given a quick game of "Would You Rather:"

Q: "Would you rather have Nick Markakis' personality or Fredi Gonzalez's back hair?"

A: "I'm going to go with Markakis' personality. … Leave back hair out of it. That's for Sean Casey -- he's got a ton of it."

Lastly, Millar and Rose had Grilli, the food connoisseur, taste and rate a grilled cheese sandwich:


"This is terrible," Grilli said. 

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