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Lost that glovin' feeling: Jayson Werth and his mitt, 'Betsy,' to separate after 10 years

It's been a blissful 10-plus years, but after 2,220 catches, Jayson Werth and his glove, Betsy, are ending their relationship. They first got together in Spring Training 2004 and endured up until last month -- when one too many leather tears finally forced a mutual split. Here are some great moments from the couple's long affair. Take it away, guys:

Werth, Betsy, Milton Bradley and J.D. Drew hang out during Spring Training 2005:


Here's Betsy meeting some Phillies in '07:


And helping her main man to a World Series title in '08:


"I wouldn't go on the field with any other glove," Werth told the Washington Post. "It was like my baby. I wouldn't consider going on the field without it. It was like, 'I need my sword.' I guess it would be more like a shield."



The 2012 posteason:


And Werth and Betsy's final dance against the Mets this May:

Thankfully, the Nationals right fielder plans to keep his longtime companion and is sending her to be bronzed for his mantle. It's only right after so many years together.

Via Washington Post