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Jeff Francoeur escapes from locked bathroom through ceiling, after teammates prank him on video again

Earlier this season, the guys on the Padres Triple-A affiliate, the El Paso Chihuahuas, pranked longtime big leaguer Jeff Francoeur into believing that one of the pitchers on the team was deaf. The wives and girlfriends were involved and the team was even bribing the wait staff at restaurants to play along with the gag.

Well, Francoeur was the butt of yet another prank after he took it upon himself to make use of the coaches bathroom without permission. Francoeur went to use the facilities, but found that he was unable to leave the room when he was done. That's probably because his teammates used workout equipment to lock all of the exits. Like the previous prank, it was all documented on video by El Paso utilityman/filmmaker Cody Decker:

Eventually, like Andy Dufresne, Francoeur reached daylight by climbing through the belly of the stadium. He emerged into the locker room through the ceiling.


Baseball is fun. Also worth noting: the Padres called Francoeur up to the bigs on Wednesday.