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Jeff Kent is on Survivor: Week 3 Analysis

Every week, we’ll be analyzing Jeff Kent's performance on Survivor. This isn’t a Survivor recap. This is a Jeff Kent recap. Contains spoilers.

I need to get this out of the way first: Every episode of Survivor covers three days, which means that the castaways have been playing for nine days. On the first day, Jeff Kent claims to have torn his MCL. They made a big deal out of this the first two episodes. Jeff was so worried about his knee, not only for his health, but because he thought the injury could get him voted off.

All of a sudden, in episode three, we don't hear one reference to Kent’s knee. Not one. Did it magically heal? Not even an explanation? Nine days isn’t that long!

Beyond that, Jeff is starting to play a good game. In the first two episodes, no one really emerged as a leader in his tribe. Penner, the three-time Survivor veteran, found the hidden immunity idol, but he’s on the outs. He doesn't really have any friends in the tribe and is constantly being mentioned as a potential target.

But Kent is smart. He and the rest of the tribemates were fairly sure Penner had the idol and were going to try to blindside him if they went to tribal council.

And this is where Jeff starts to separate himself as a real player in his tribe. He definitely has an alliance and isn’t in danger to be voted off at the moment, but when Penner approaches him about a potential second alliance – and divulges that he the immunity idol -- Kent doesn’t immediately run to his friends and spill the beans. He just tucks that information into his pocket for later use.

Kent is about to become a big player in the game. I have a feeling a merge is about to happen and the power dynamics are going to shift into someone like Penner's favor. It's always good to be best friends with the guy holding a hidden immunity idol -- you can ride those coattails all the way to a million bucks.


- After the tribes merge, someone will recognize Jeff Kent the famous baseball player. But instead of getting a target on his back, Jeff will just sign some autographs and make everyone dinner.

- Dinner will be rice and coconuts.

- Kent will not wear a shirt. That's just a guarantee at this point.

- He will not be voted out at tribal council and will return for another week.