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Jeff Kent is on Survivor: Week 4 analysis

Every week, we’ll be analyzing Jeff Kent's performance on Survivor. This isn’t a Survivor recap. This is a Jeff Kent recap. Contains spoilers.

A pretty quiet week for Jeff Kent this week on Survivor. Not his fault, of course. Right now, Kent and his fellow Kalabaw tribemates are riding high, winning challenge after challenge. And when you win challenges, you don't have to vote anyone off.

In the mean time, Kent is biding his time, trying to build a strong alliance. He already teamed up with Penner last week, and brought in Carter this week. But Jeff might have made his first weak strategic play of the game by not trying to bring in one of the women from his tribe to be in his new alliance. Now, the votes will be split 3-3. That leaves him open to possibly being voted off. We'll see where that storyline goes, especially with a tribe merge on the horizon.

The one area in which Kent really shined this week was in the immunity challenge. The challenge was his first opportunity to show off his hand-eye coordination, when he was tasked with swinging a teatherball into a bunch of targets. He brought his team back from behind to avoid tribal council, and even better, no one realized that he is a former professional athlete.


- The tribes will merge from three to two and Kent will attempt to bring in a fourth member into his alliance to break the tie.

- Jeff's tribe will win a food reward, but will be forced to slaughter a chicken.

- Jeff will take seconds.

- In his first tribal council, Jeff's name will be brought up as a possible target, but he will avoid elimination and survive for at least one more week.

-Jeremy Moses /