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Jeff Kent is on Survivor: Week 8 Analysis

Every week, we’ll be analyzing Jeff Kent's performance on Survivor. This isn’t a Survivor recap. This is a Jeff Kent recap. Contains spoilers.

In last week's recap, I argued that Jeff had made a fundamental mistake by breaking up his Kalabaw alliance just to try to eliminate his rival Penner from the game. I knew that this would leave Jeff exposed to an early exit by A) creating enemies and B) moving himself from the top of one alliance to the bottom of another.

And while I incorrectly predicted that Jeff would survive this week's episode, my essential argument holds true. If Jeff and his Kalabaw alliance had just decided to keep Penner on for a few more weeks, they would have had the numbers to pick off every single member of the Tandang alliance. They could have kicked out Pete last week, Artis this week, and so on.

But Jeff had to complicate things by making an alliance with the very people he should have been gunning for, and it came back to bite him. It turned out that the Tandang alliance was holding strong and, while Jeff thought he might be part of it … he wasn't.

After one of the most entertaining Tribal Councils ever -- viewers had no idea who was going to be voted out -- Jeff was sent packing. He was seen as too strong of a player. Too much of a leader. Too strategic. Too much of a threat. He had to go.

Overall, Jeff played a pretty strong game. He was friendly, good in challenges and helped out around camp. But he let personal vendettas against people get in the way of his strategy and that eventually did him in. It's so easy to forget you are playing a game when you have to spend weeks stranded on an island with complete strangers. But the people who win Survivor are the people who don't let those personal elements get in the way of strategy. They realize the game is about alliances and it doesn't matter if you like the people in your alliance or not.


- Jeff will sleep in a bed.

- Jeff will eat hot food that someone else will prepare for him.

- Jeff will swim in a pool and read a book in the shade.

- Jeff will return to Tribal Council as part of the jury and will stare Pete down until Pete cries.

-Jeremy Moses /