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Can you solve this baseball nickname-themed 'Jeopardy' clue?

Can you solve this baseball-themed 'Jeopardy' clue?

Quick, you're on "Jeopardy" and all that stands between you and earning Alex Trebek's eternal respect (and avoiding his cold-eyed disapproval) is the $800 clue you see above: 

Did you say "Who are the Phillies?" Cool, I did too, but here's the thing: I was actually on "Jeopardy" and, unfortunately, this was not my episode. Look at me: 

I was so happy! That's before I got categories like "Harlequin Romance Novel Titles 2014" and "17-Letter Words."

Since none of Thursday night's contestants got this one right (just you and I, reader), it was definitely hard. Maybe it should have been Final Jeopardy on my show, and then I could have taken you all out for ice cream on Opening Day. But it wasn't, I lost, and now no one gets ice cream.

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