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Jeremy Affeldt reveals that Buster Posey is like a petulant teenager during mound visits

Affeldt reveals that Posey is like petulant teenager

Buster Posey is not only one of the best catchers in the game, but when everything is said and done, he could be one of the best to ever play the sport. He possesses a nearly perfect swing, has won a Rookie of the Year and MVP and owns three World Series rings. So you'd think he'd be pretty good at handling his pitching staff, right? 

Maybe not so much. 

At Giants FanFest on Saturday, Jeremy Affeldt revealed what Posey is really like when he comes out to the mound. Said the southpaw about their visits: 

"He just does the eye roll, like, 'Here we go.' He runs out there and he's like 'What?'

And I'm like, 'Hey, is that pitch--'

'It was fine. Just throw it again.' 

...And he rolls his eyes and and he just runs back. And you don't even get to finish your sentence."

 So, he's basically Liz Lemon: 

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