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Jim Leyland's plans for his lineup card? Maybe 'sell it at some bar on the way home'

Jim Leyland did some lineup tinkering prior to Game 4 of the ALCS on Wednesday, and the Tigers responded with a 7-3 win. When a reporter asked the skipper what he was "planning to do with tonight's lineup card," it led to a fascinating look inside the mind of Detroit's skipper.

After first suggesting he'd simply toss the lineup card in the trash, Leyland came up with another idea: sell it a bar on his way home from the game. Not a surprising location to imagine him showing up, since as we've learned, Leyland has been known to rock the mic at karaoke.

Leyland went on to explain he's not big on the concept of keepsakes in general, and autographs in particular. Why not? "You can't read the names on it." Come on, Jim -- you're telling me this ball signed by your first baseman is illegible?

Okay, maybe he has a point after all.