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Jimmy Fallon hangs out with Mets pitcher Joaquin Phoenix--er--Matt Harvey at Stanley Cup Finals

Actor Joaquin Phoenix has starred in films as a corrupt Roman emperor, a firefighter, The Man in Black, a lovelorn writer who falls in love with an operating system and a weird version of himself who lets birds nest in his hair while he tries to start a rap career. According to Jimmy Fallon, Phoenix is also atop of the list of actors primed to play Mets pitcher Matt Harvey, should Hollywood ever try to snag the film rights to the right-hander's story.

Fallon was at Madison Square Garden to watch the Rangers (of the New York persuasion) take on the Los Angeles Kings in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals. He bumped into actual Mets pitcher Matt Harvey and cracked a Joaquin Phoenix joke on Instagram

For what it's worth, we think Phoenix is better suited to play a corner outfielder with major power. He did hit a home run 507 feet one time. Or at least he played a guy who did. 

(Swing away, Merrill.)