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J.K. Simmons said that throwing this Opening Day first pitch was even better than winning an Oscar

For the last 41 days, this was probably the best moment of J.K. Simmons' 2015:


But on Monday, winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Whiplash was officially topped by this:


Simmons chucked his ceremonial first pitch before the Tigers took on the Twins in an Opening Day tilt at Comerica Park, then joined Detroit's broadcast booth to call the toss his "biggest thrill of the year."

"Honestly I was more nervous than I was walking up on the stage at the Dolby Theater," he said. "I short-armed it, but caught the corner. I felt like it was more like 95-96 but the gun's a little slow, I guess."

Simmons, who channeled Jim Leyland when playing the role of Tigers manager Frank Perry in "For Love of the Game," has been a Detroit fan since watching Al Kaline from the right-field stands at old Tiger Stadium in 1960.


"I live in LA now, and I catch you guys about 150 games a year, definitely over 100," he told the crew. "If you're not sitting around the home at 4 o'clock, you can always put it on the DVR and watch it anytime. Everyone knows not to ever give me the scores because I'll be watching it."