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Joc Pederson celebrated a home run by eating ice cream out of a novelty batting helmet

Was there anything better than catching the faint echo of the ice cream truck jingle when you were a kid? Maybe it was in the parking lot after your Little League game, or maybe you heard it rounding the corner during an intense inning of Wiffle ball. Either way, it meant two things: you were going to have that song stuck in your head for a week, and you were just moments away from taking the edge off of the dog days of summer. (Unless you opted for a creamsicle, in which case, gross.)

Now imagine you're that kid again, except this time -- rather than waiting for the truck to come around or begging your mom for change -- there's just ice cream, whenever you'd like. As Joc Pederson discovered after hitting a home run during Saturday's game against the Mets, this is basically what being a big league ballplayer is like! (You know, give or take facing Matt Harvey.) 

Joc ice cream

Sure, just go yard, get back to the dugout, have a seat and dig into some ice cream. You know, casual. 

Added points for going with the classic novelty batting helmet bowl, but minus those points and then some for apparently opting against sprinkles. It's OK, Joc. You'll learn.