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Joe Maddon loves that 'Bang a Gong (Get it On)' song so much that there's now a gong at Tropicana Field

First, there were cowbells. Now, there's a gong.

After hearing 1970's glam rock fixture "Bang a Gong (Get it On)" during Spring Training, Rays manager Joe Maddon chose to institute it as the team's introductory song for home games.

The Rays have since taken the theme even further and installed a gong at Tropicana Field. Raymond banged the chime to kick off the team's opening series against Toronto, and on Friday, the organization unveiled a Greek/Roman/Scottish warrior to call the Trop to attention with the gong's thunderous clang.

While masked men like the warrior have a wonderful tradition with gongs, it remains a mystery as to who might bang the instrument next.

Why not this guy?

-- Dakota Gardner /

Photo courtesy of Emory Brinkman / Real-Time Correspondent

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