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Joe Maddon steeled himself to face the media by wearing a catcher's mask to his press conference

Things apparently got a little heated between media members during Cubs GM Jed Hoyer's press conference prior to Friday's game against the Phillies. (We're guessing it's because they can hear John Baker's footsteps coming.) But Chicago just so happens to be managed by one Joe Maddon, and Joe Maddon does not take threats lightly. And so, when it was his turn to face the lion's den, Joe Maddon did what any sane human would do -- he came prepared:

Maddon mask

While we may question the choice of weapon -- surely a bat made of lightning and/or America would be best -- that is clearly the face of a man you don't want to mess with and who would almost definitely win the next season of "Survivor." 

(This is also not the first time Maddon's managed to charm Cubs media, though we think it's safe to assume that promising alcohol is a far more efficient method of making friends.)