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Joey Bats borrows R.A. Dickey's pants, has two-home-run day

While most hitters try to work their way out of a slump through some small adjustments in their swing or approach, Jose Bautista opted for a more mystical method this weekend -- borrowing R.A. Dickey's pants:

After spending much of the month mired in a slump, Bautista decided to mix up his outfit in hopes of turning around his luck.

The problem was that none of his pants fit the newly adopted high-cuff style, so he borrowed a pair from starter R.A. Dickey in Boston on Saturday.

OK, I guess that makes sense? Regardless, after donning the pants for Saturday's game against the Red Sox, Bautista launched two home runs, including his 200th career dinger.

Then, he homered again in Sunday's matchup.

Finally, after going 1-2 with two walks and a double against the Tigers, Bautista announced, "Dickey's pants until further notice."

Probably not a bad idea.

-- Dakota Gardner /

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