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Photo of the Day: Joey Gallo and Bryce Harper on the most unfair Little League team in history


His moonshots have echoed across the land, foreordaining his long-awaited arrival, and now the hour is nigh. Yes, the debut of Rangers super-prospect Joey Gallo is upon us, and to sate the appetites of a dinger-deprived nation, behold -- photographic evidence that Gallo and fellow mashing-Las Vegan Bryce Harper were once members of the same Little League team: 

Bryce's position -- and hairstyle, fortunately -- have changed, but he's still rocking number 34 all these years later (Gallo debuted wearing No. 13). We can only imagine the conversations these two once and future sluggers had during their visit to the mound -- Did Han shoot first? How can we talk our moms into postgame pizza? Hey, where's that Bryant guy? -- but one thing's for sure: This bromance has stood the test of both time and dingers.


Apparently, Young Harper whispered some of his home run-blasting voodoo to his childhood teammate, because Gallo wasted no time waging war on Major League pitching. Sure, Bryce debuted with a double and an RBI back in 2012, but Gallo collected three hits, four RBI, and one home run that might have made it out of the state:

Gallo HR