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Joey Terdoslavich learns of the powers of the Tropicana Field roof during a routine popup

Terdoslavich misses foul ball off Trop Field roof

Before the Braves' series against the Rays this week, Joey Terdoslavich had never played a game inside Tropicana Field. As such, he might have been unaware that the roof at the Trop has a habit of imposing its presence on baseballs, causing even the most routine plays to go awry.

During Wednesday's Braves-Rays matchup, he learned firsthand to take no Tropicana Field popup for granted.

When Asdrubal Cabrera fouled up a pitch into the territory next to first during the bottom of the second, Terdoslavich proceeded with business as usual.


It was not business as usual. The ball ricocheted off the catwalk, fell behind Terdoslavich and was ruled out of play -- while the rules for catwalk-effected balls over fair territory are a bit more complicated, any ball that strikes a roof fixture (such as catwalks) over foul territory is an automatic dead ball.


It paid off for Cabrera, too, who eventually singled. 

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