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Did John Axford go 24-for-24 on this year's Oscar ballot?

Did John Axford fill out a perfect Oscar ballot?

Update: Axford couldn't quite repeat his perfect ballot from last year, going 17-for-24 with his Oscar picks. His pick for Best Picture, Boyhood, ended up losing out to Birdman. Still not too shabby for a baseball player, as this brings his three-year total to 49-for-57. 

Rockies reliever John Axford went 14-for-15 with his 2013 Oscar picks, and he went 18-for-18 in 2014. Now he's upping the stakes again and predicting winners for all 24 categories, and it's not too late to steal all of his picks so you can convince your friends you're some kind of movie savant. 

"I didn't do all the categories last year, and some people were a little upset by it," Axford told's Thomas Harding from Rockies camp, where he is a non-roster invitee. "This year I'm going all the way, to see what happens. I didn't choose the other six categories last year because. I didn't have the Animated Short or Documentary Short, or things like that, so I didn't bother. This year, since I got so much stuff last year about it, I did them all."

He's also got some serious film business cred. 

"I've been a part of the Milwaukee Film Festival the last four years and the last three years there's been a John Axford Presents in there, so I do get to see quite a few films when I'm there and get looks at some things pre-release because I am part of that festival, but not anything Academy -- not yet," Axford said.
The reliever also graduated from Notre Dame with a BA in Film and Television.
Axford picked "Boyhood" to win in three categories, including Best Film Editing and Best Picture. He also picked Patricia Arquette to win Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film, though he remained silent on Padres pitcher Jason Lane's performance.

Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel" also scores high in Axford's estimation, taking home four awards on his ballot. Would our "Grand MLB Hotel" win even more? Probably. "Birdman" will snag Best Actor, Best Cinematography and Best Director, though whether that's due to the film's quality or the fact that apparently Axford can "pronounce ["Birdman" director] Alejandro G. Iñárritu with the appropriate Spanish flair" is anyone's guess.

Check out the rest of Axford's picks over at The Player's Tribune and when your friends ask you how you chose so perfectly, just let them know that a little mustache told you.

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