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John Danks loses friendly bet on Notre Dame game, has to dress like a leprechaun for BP

Danks loses bet on ND, dresses like leprechaun for BP

Experts believe that the sweet aroma exciting your nostrils over the past few days can be directly linked to the pumpkin-spice beverage available at your local coffee shop, which can only mean that it's officially pennant race season.

One of the central tenets of pennant race season is that baseball lives in synchrony with the start of football, a lesson White Sox pitcher John Danks learned all too well this week. Danks grew up in Texas, was originally drafted by the Rangers and married a country singer (Ashley Monroe).

It doesn't get any more Texan than that.

He's also a BIG fan of University of Texas Longhorns athletics, including their storied football team, which started the season unranked ... playing on the road ... against No. 9 Notre Dame. It went about as well as you'd expect.

Longtime radio voice of the White Sox Ed Farmer grew up in Illinois and is a big fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. So, Farmer and Danks agreed to a small wager on Saturday's game, which left Danks dressed as a leprechaun during the team's warmup against the Twins:

Luckily for Danks, rain cut the White Sox BP session short on Friday, so he was off the hook (for now, anyway).

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